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Makin It as a Republican in the Bay Area

Margaret Metcalf of the Silicon Valley Association of Republican Women and Peter Verbica, President of the California Congress of Republicans, join Makin It Radio to discuss the policy priorities of the local Republican Party in the Bay Area.

Makin It as a Member of the LGBTQ Community

Vinnie Pompei, Director of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation's Youth Well Being Project; Sameer Jha, Founder of The Empathy Alliance; and Christine Capuyan, Treasurer of Bay Area Lawyers for Individual Freedom (BALIF) join Makin It Radio to discuss what it's like to make it as a member of the LGBTQ community.

Makin It Through Homelessness

Pastor Paul Bains of Project WeHOPE, Dr. Brian Greenberg of LifeMoves, and Randy Parker discuss homelessness in the Bay Area, its socio-economic drivers, the scale of the problem, and its human costs.

Makin It Through Burning Man

Niels Joubert, Berlin Blount, and Sunny Wood, all members of the Techno Gecko team, discuss their experiences making it through Burning Man.