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Makin It Through Grief, Loss, & Death

John O'Connor, owner of Menlo Park Funerals; Ahuva Faraji, marriage and family therapist and a volunteer at the Center for Living with Dying; and Shelly Gillan, marriage and family therapist and the Director of Program and Client Services at Kara, join Makin It Radio to discuss grief, loss, and death (a lively discussion despite the topic).

Makin It Through Political Repression in China

Catherine Meng, a Falun Gong practitioner and survivor of torture in a Chinese forced labor camp, and Allen Zeng, President and Founder of a Chinese pubic radio network: "Sound of Hope," speak about political repression in China. 

Makin It Through Divorce

Divorce attorneys Brent Kaspar and Yvonne Seeley discuss betrayal, trust, children, the institution of marriage, money, infidelity, and love in the final stage of marriage's dissolution.